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Academic Advisory Board

1. Mr. Rajiv Agrawal - Managing Director
From a modest beginning, IBBM has now grown into a fully integrated institute. The guiding philosophy of the school has been creation of knowledge, influencing finance practices and integrates globally. The objectives of imparting education, combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, are being met in an integrated form, to create a synergetic impact.

Beginning as a small institute at a time when Stock Market's education was virtually unknown in India, IBBM has made great strides over the years in providing education of the highest quality and in developing tomorrow's entrepreneurs and leaders.

IBBM, which offers Various Courses, stands tall on the foundation of an excellent, committed and deeply knowledgeable faculty, innovative and unique pedagogical tools and an eclectic and diverse student community that has a burning desire to make new paths of its own.

We foster sharpening of skills and enhancement of knowledge base in our students through various learning tools like stock market simulation game, real trading system and co-curricular and curricular activities through faculty who not only keep themselves at par with the current developments but also contribute to the expansion of the body of knowledge in their field of expertise.

Regular student and faculty interaction with the giants from the Stock Market's world is helping us in grooming our students into real experts and not just the jobseekers. The diversity of options in IBBM's curriculum is complemented by a breadth of activities. Every student finds exhaustive opportunities to get a practical exposure. IBBM regularly invites prime faculty from unrivalled and foremost business channels and renowned market experts from across the globe.

As a prospective student, you are welcome to explore options that are available to you in our various Modules & Programs.

2. Dr. Naresh Maheshwari
Dr Naresh Maheshwari, doctorate in options trading besides FCA, FCS, FISA with a standing of 30 years in the field and presently, is Chairman of Farsight Group. He is associated with many research projects on Derivatives with professional Institutes and Universities. He is a prolific commentator on matters pertaining to Capital Market, Investors Protection and Corporate Laws in electronic and print media. He was instrumental in setting up Commodity Participants Association of India (CPAI) and is its Immediate Past President.

Having been the Chairman of Northern Region of Association of National Exchanges Members of India (ANMI-NR) and of various standing committees of ANMI, presently he is National President of ANMI.

He has visited and represented ANMI in many international organizations like KOFIA Korea, ASC Thailand, MAS Singapore, various stock exchanges at Hong Kong, Shanghai (China), Korea, Bursa Malaysia, SMX etc.

Dr Maheshwari also led Indian capital market delegation to Asian Securities Forum at Beijing (China). He was observer in ICSA (International Council of Secretary Association) AGM-2011 at London and ICMA (International Capital Market Association) AGM-2011 at Paris.
A hand book for Investing & Investor Protection authored by Dr. Maheshwari published by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India was recently released by Mr. K Mittal, secretary Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India.