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What is Arbitrage.

Concept of high Frequency Trading.

Concept & Origin of Arbitrage.


Cash to Cash Arbitrage

  • Concept of Intraday Trade and delivery Trade.

  • Exchange to Exchange.

  • Spot to Spot.

  • Forward to Forward.

Steps in Fundamental Analysis.

Macro Economy Analysis.

Micro Economy Analysis.

Market Forces- Demand & Supply

Industry Reports & Analysis

Economic Cycle

Concept of Time value of Money

  • Interest Rates and Discount Factors.

  • Opportunity Cost.

  • Risk-free Rate.

  • Equity Risk Premium.

Cash to Future Arbitrage

  • Long Futures.

  • Short Futures.

  • Problems in Cash to Future Arbitrage.

Future to Future Arbitrage.

  • Valuing Futures.

  • Calendar Spread Arbitrage.

  • Nifty to Stock Arbitrage.

Inter and Intra Exchange Arbitrage.

Situational & Inter Country Arbitrage.

Volatility Trading, Synthetic & Box Trading.

Excel Project Creation & Training of Arbitrage.