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Certified Technical Analyst

Introduction to TA

Candle Stick Theory

Pattern Reorganization and Trading in Candle Sticks

Support & resistance

Patterns in Line Charts

Flags & Pennants

Concept of Accumulation & Distribution

Trends & Trend Lines

Regression Trend Channelsn

Gap Theory


  • Moving Averages.

  • MACD.

  • RSI.

  • OBV.

  • William % R.

  • Checkin Money Flow.

  • Stochastic.

  • Bollinger Bands.

Pivot Point Calculation.

Dow Theory.

Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions.

Elliot Wave Theory.

Investor Trading, Tricks & Trading Psychology.

Technical Report Writing.

Hands on Reading Important TA Softwares.

Live Trading Sessions and Investments